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QF-298 Auto-cement edge folding machine

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QF-298 Auto-cement edge folding machine

1. The edge folding machine is the combination of auto-cementing and upper edge folding machine. As leather can be both cemented and edge-folded by it, it saves the labor from the manual cementing and improves the production.
2. The machine through the thermal cement can fold the upper edges after cemented.
3. Rotate the button to adjust temperature and flow quantity of the thermal cement easily and accurately.
4.Light sensitive resistance controls the discharge stably and accurately.
5.The machine have the cutting device, new style folding device and improved pressuring and guiding device etc."Hammer"can open automatically and pressing foot uplifts automatically when leather materials are put. New Style regulator regulates the speed conveniently.
 Model    Dimensions(LWH)   N.W  Voltage
QF-298  1200*550*1250mm 135kg   220V

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