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Máquina para plantillas QF-818B Máquinas para calzado

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Máquina para plantillas QF-818B Máquinas para calzado

Máquina para plantillas QF-818B Máquinas para calzado
1. This machine is fully controlled by hydraulic system. It is suitable for outsole attaching of jogging shoes, walled sports shoes and casual shoes. The operation of outsole preessing, and front-rear pressing can be accomplished simultaneously or respectively. The heavy pressing helps the shoe industry with higher production.

2. There is a prepared oil-tank to supplement oil when cylinder rising which makes the rising faster and saves the operation time to increase benefit.

3. The hydraulic automatic balancing system is adopted for the machanism of pressing rods. The height of rods need no manual adjustment which simplifies the operaton.

4. The design of automatic bias angles setting for the machanism of pressing rods makes shoes locate easily and even for boots.

5. When the mechanism of front-rear forming bands retreat, a special circiut device is adopted to control the receding stroke, and the proper receding distance is controlled according to the shoes locating in different size.

6. There is a peressure adjusting function for every operation which makes the pressing result pefect.

7. Automatic balancing rods and swing attaching mechanism: The height of attaching rods is controlled by hydraulic automatic balance system so it isn't necessary to adjust the attaching rods when the height of last is different, it also could ensure the pressure of the two attaching rods almost the same as well as the attaching power on every point of the sole. The attaching rods can swing simultaneously. It is convenient to put or take out of the last. The design is better than the old one with fixed attached rods.

8. Side attaching mechanism The side attaching adopts the whole hydraulic controlling system. There are nine pieces of rubber foaming pressing objects to make a tight pressing according to the shape of shoes. Each forming pressing object is controlled by individual cylinder of which pressure reaches 250-300kg/s.Two sets of these forming pressing objects individually are in the front and back for options to ensure the best performance of side attaching.

9. Special function for QF-818B a. There are eighteen pressing pads on the bottom of the pressing machanism.The pads are controlled by cylinders to rise and down to firm the shoes in different shape.

b.The pressing pads can be changed with different height ones or be modified to meet different shapes of outsoles without using models so as to save cost.

   Model    Dimensions(LWH)    Packing size(LWH)    Weight      Pressure  Power
 QF-818A 1080*1180*1950mm 1380*1380*2300mm  1280KG  20~50kgs/cm2  3HP
 QF-818B 1080*1180*1950mm 1380*1380*2300mm  1280KG  20~50kgs/cm2  3HP
 QF-818C 1080*1180*1950mm 1380*1380*2300mm  1280KG  20~50kgs/cm2  3HP

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