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QF-725A UV Ultraviolet lighting machine shoe-making machinery

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QF-725A UV Ultraviolet lighting machine shoe-making machinery

QF-725A UV Ultraviolet lighting machine shoe-making machinery

1.Light in seconds, it saves space and energy, no social effects of pollution; with low temperature and applies to any kind of proteiform materials;

2.High productivity(output 3-12M/MTN), daily output can be up to 6500 pairs, this mass production saves magma to lower cost;

3.Easy in operation and good stablity almost no attrition rate; Pull force up to over 3.5kg per centimeter; The over-temperature device avoid machine halt in a very short time to resulted in material deformed or discolor;

4.Traditional motor, wind motor and wind assembly cover to chill the gas which get a good cooling performance;

5.Monitor equipped with adjustable button to adjust the output speed; it adopts the dally UV lamp with special wavelength and high peformance; Lamp adopts accumalative hours to display which can get service time easily,and can be controlled individually, we can know each lamp's condition through the single ammeter;

6.Machine equipped with four groups of lamp cover, usage range like height, angle can be adjustable; also the auto fault detect for lamps are installed; Data to display the temperature, we can know temperature inside lamp anytime to control the best shoe materials process.

Model Dimensions(LWH) Lamp N.W Power
QF-725A 2450*1050*1800mm 8KW 620kg 3HP

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