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QF-966A Pare sea cotton machine shoe machine

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QF-966A  Pare sea cotton machine shoe machine

QF-966A  Pare sea cotton machine shoe machine

1.The range of use is wide. The producta are fit for each part of all kinds of all kinds of shoes. Such as:the inside and outside edge and bevel edge of used immersing cotton of tongue for shoes, flatting collar, pinna.

2.Saving manpower. cost, and man-nour. The output increases greatlu.

3.Environmental protection:the products can make cleanliness of woking substance hig, dust little, and the mouth of plane smooth and normalized.

4.The machine can adjust according to thickness ofmachined parts. The machine is easy to operate and little comsuption, low failure rate, perlect safely performance.

Model Dimensions(LWH) Production N.W Power
QF-966A 660*360*1100mm 1500-1800pairs/8h 75kg 0.5KW

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