Продукция Подошвоформовочный пресс

QF-8898A Обувное оборудование

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QF-8898A Обувное оборудование

QF-8898A Обувное оборудование

1.This machine is an improved product which has a compact size and occupies less space.

2.Featurs a speed two times faster than conventional modes.

3.The cylinder is protected by a stainless casing and has safety warranty.

4.Only the machine adapts shoes with different sizes no adjustment is needed and has ever quality.

5.The machine is easy to operate, improve the quality and increase the production.

 Model  Dimensions(LWH)  Packing size (LWH)  Power  Weight
QF-8898A 1310*1140*1550mm 1420*1230*1700mm 2HP 400kg

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