Продукция Форматор

Обувное оборудование QF-203S Форматор

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Обувное оборудование QF-203S Форматор

Обувное оборудование QF-203S Форматор
1.Applies to moulding of counter of different materials. Hot mold heats the vamp from up amd down at the same time to soften it which makes upper attach firmly.
2.Tongs of cold mold adopts the Teflon forming band group with last mould, vamp thcikness is adjustable, which makes a perlect moulding result.
3.Last and Teflon forming band group are designed according to customers'demands with 100% accuracy.
4.Hor mould is equipped with steam system which makes vamp with springiness and luster. adopting water refrigeration system with fast refrigeration speed and good efficiency, the refrigeraiton temperature is-30 centigrade.
 Model  Dimensions(LWH)   N.W           Production  Power  Voltage  Air pressure
QF-203S  1450*1050*2000mm 162kg 1800*2000pairs/8hrs    1.5kw    220V      0.6Mpa

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