Продукция Форматор

QF-805 Обувной механизм Форматор

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QF-805 Обувной механизм Форматор

QF-805 Обувной механизм Форматор

1.This machine is applicable to forming for the mid-soles of female and male shoes, and its last application facilitates shoe uppers binding.

2.Pressurized oil passage is employed, fast in oillifting, high in production and convenient for mold trial running.

3.High-pressure transient forming with good result.

4.Adjustable distance between the upper and lower mold to save stroke time.

5.Cooling fan is installed to keep running at a low temperature, with long machine lifespan and stable pressure.

6.Infrared protection to ensure high security.

Model Dimensions(LWH) N.W Voltage Power
QF-805 1250*750*1500mm 300KG 220V/380V 3HP

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