Продукция Подошвоформовочный пресс

QF-863 Подошвоформовочный пресс Обувная машина

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QF-863 Подошвоформовочный пресс Обувная машина

QF-863 Подошвоформовочный пресс Обувная машина

1.This machine is automatically controlled by a mixture of hydraulic and pneumatic systems It is suitable for the out-sole attaching of logging shoes and walled sports shoes. The pressing of bottom, side and front-back can be finlshed at one time.

2.The leather forming bag for slde pressing can automatically form as the shapes of lasts and produce an ecen attaching effect on both side of shoes.

3.The front-back pressing roads adopt hydraulic automatic balancing devices, which don’t need adjust.

4.The design of automatic bias angles. Setting for mechanism of pressing rods makes Shoes locating easy, even for boots.

5.The pneumatic loop goes through automatic water filter, water filter, which keeps the air in the compressor dry to ensure low failure of air cylinder and life.

  Model Packing Size  Dimensions(LWH)    Production Weight Power  Oil pressure
QF-863 880*1220*2000mm  850*1160*1920mm    2500Pairs/8hr 900KG 2HP  30kg/cm2

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