Продукция Машина для среднего и заднего верха

QF-728DA(MA)Машина для среднего и заднего верха

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QF-728DA(MA)Машина для среднего и заднего верха

QF-728DA(MA)Машина для среднего и заднего верха

1. Different inner and outer waist cementing path: easy and flexible control on cementing path without any complicated setting.

2. Active cement-stopping device: with quick and accurate response of cement-stopping device, lower probability of leakage.

3. Independent pincer pulling: separately adjustable pulling for left and right pincer by manual or automatic operation, providing natural  tension distribution against to the upper.

4. Overlapped seat and side lasting: smooth the connection between seat and side lasting, makes a fast and excellent cementing result.

5. Pincer inward pulling: extra inward pulling after pincers grasping the upper, which presses upper against to shoe last tighter. 

6. Encoder controls side lasting: accurate side cementing path, wiper moves in accurately. 

7. Dynamoelectric pincer position adjustment: slight touch on the switch, pincers can be moved to the best pulling position by proper pull force.

8. Touch screen interface: humanized controlling device which makes easy operation and maintenance.

9. Auto-balanced forming band moves up and down: auto-balance gap between wipers, make a perfect seat lasting result.

10. Computerized control: PLC control device enables machine to have maximum flexibility.

11. Operation parameters storage: saving up to 30 timer and operation parameters, timing for different shoe style.

12. Separate lasting block mechanism: combined with unique hydraulic system, makes inner waist against to the lasting tighter and firmer with a perfect effect.

13. Intelligent automatic fault warning: warnings for various incipient faults, easy operation and maintenance.

14. Motor-driving cementing mechanism: stable and adjustable quantity and length of cementing with excellent cementing quality.



     Packing size (LWH)











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