Продукция Машина для переднего верха

Обувная машина Машина для переднего верха QF-739DA(MA)

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Обувная машина Машина для переднего верха QF-739DA(MA)

Обувная машина Машина для переднего верха QF-739DA(MA)

Mid-pincer Left/Right change:mid-pincer change left and right automatically,arrange into toe shop.

Pincer slipping system:when the Support is rising, and can control for pincer slipping, reduce for damaging upper percently.

Second pincer angle adjustment: Left/Right second pincer angle can automatically fit the size of toe shop arrangement.

Pincer opens slightly and independently, Allpincers can set by hand independently and with-auto opening and adjust upper pressure precisely.

Small and big size shoe style adjusting: left-right pincers can be auto-adjusting with shoe size automatically.

Support speed rising: by two phases and reduce the pressure for upper.

Lert-right pincer switching: after lasted shoes, can switch into right-left shoe style shap automatically.

Pressure speed adjusting fastlu: can adjust it by side of the machine, do it fastly.

Auto-testing problem function: The problem is alarmed and showing on the screen.

Pincer changing fastly: No need change by fools and change into new style.

Pincer and style recording: The parameter for pincer position and shoe style, they can be saved  inside computer.

Wiper switching fastly: Can take down and install by pushing with hands.

Forming band switching fasty: Be changing without tools, speed up the efficiently for shoe style changing.



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