productos Máquina para empeine frontal

Máquina para empeine frontal QF-838DA(MA)

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Máquina para empeine frontal QF-838DA(MA)

Máquina para empeine frontal QF-838DA(MA)

The machine is operating with oil, and adopting the design of high-low pressing return. The action is fast and stable.

Pincers shape arranging automatically and reaching twelve kinds of adjusting function. So as to make the pincer suiting for different shoe style, working with PLC micro computer control system, It can save 100 groups shoes styles.(Patent No. 200620017385.3)

About the lasting parameter setting, inputing by numerical value automatically. The shoe style is easy to input and tune out also.

Pincer clamp pression is adopting high-low pressing return design. It can cooperate with the support that is rising second time in order to slipping. Then the uppers can be protecting with big percent.

The scteen has the function that is auto-testing problem, and sets the password for switch which is safe, convenient and reliable.

The lasting is cementing by hotmelt, then save labor force and heating oven, also saving for electric charge.

The pincer can pull down automatically and independently or adjust by hand, then keeping tension balance for upper, correcting for lasting position.

The high-low position adjusting for support, using power-driven motor and inputing the position data to PLC. It is easy and convenient.

The rising of support can set with two stages working with heel support movement to Prevent last slipping off.

The pressure head using two stages, when the first time pressute for toe part, It can set with demand or choose location control.

The pincer grip ABC function, for lasting short upper, It can slide out automatically. It is safe lasting and saving material greatly.



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