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Shoe making machine Toe lasting machine QF-737A(MA)

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Shoe making machine Toe lasting machine QF-737A(MA)

Shoe making machine Toe lasting machine QF-737A(MA)


Optional:Auxiliary wiper mechanism,

Auxiliary side pusher mechanism,

                   The autimatic turning in ward of the fifth pincer

Insole and vamp don’t have to cement before lasting, by doing so, not only save labor force, but cement well after passing heating m-achine and assure the perfect shape.

Forming band and special track wiper can make upper lasted even, enhanced outlooking, improved quatlty and without angle after lasting.

The 9 independent pincers can be individually adjusted to cope with the lasting of any shape of shoe toes. The automatic balance device and the theory of automatic descending on wipers’advancing are the very key points for upgranding the quality and raising the production capacity.

Cement plate size adjusted structures: It is suitable for produce with different size. In the meanwile, as for mixed production, make it more perfectly.

The wipers are functioned with inching movement and speed adjustment, which makes the whole adjustment of lasting control more convenient.

The machine is equlpped with cross projector assembly, which is convenient for correcting toe lasting and helps new comers to easily operate the machine.

The height of the last support plate is remotely controlled. There is a numerical instruction provided for reference which makes the operation easier and more efficient.

Speedy adjustment of pincers fixed plate: The plncers fixed plate adopts the double-tracking struceture It is independently adjusted on the right and left. The rotary point of pincers fixed plate isn’t under space limited, enssure the lasting quality.



       Packing size










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