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QF-119 Cutting Machine Shoes machine

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QF-119 Cutting Machine Shoes machine

QF-119 Cutting Machine Shoes machine

1.This machine used in shoe factory, box and bags factory, dolls factory, apparel factory and also some golfbags materials: with work pressure 25-50 tone, cutter die's length is 2.6 to 5m.

2.Accurate four-column balance lever structure is designed according to the theory of lever's labor-saving, each cutting position keep in the same depth, hydraulic double oil tank with strong force and excellent balance quality.

3.Adopts auto-induction for cutter depth device. no matter what size of the cutter die, it's easy to operate onee cutter die put in:

4.Press cut materials slowly as press down to the cutter, which makes materials from the uppermost layer and the lowest in the same size:

5.Leng then cutter and glue board's service life.

Working pressure Working joumey power Cutting area N.W Dimensions
30Tons 50-160mm


500*1600mm 1650kg 2350*1100*1500mm
35Tons 50-160mm
3HP4P 600*1600mm
45Tons 50-160mm 3HP4P 700*1600mm 2400kg 2350*1300*1500mm
55Tons 50-160mm 5.5kw 800*1600mm 3500kg 2350*1720*1500mm
65Tons 50-160mm 7.5kw 900*1600mm 4000kg 2350*1820*1500mm

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